Sacramento, CA - USA

Novice CiCi DatWalk

Meet Our Sister

Growing up in Sacramento, I was always wanting to fit in with any crowd that would accept me. I came out in 2006/2007, and that was when my journey of community truly began. I would constantly be targeted by those who viewed me as “sinful” and “an abomination”, seriously doubting myself every now and then.

As time went by, I eventually learned to accept myself for whom I am, always moving forward, feeling proud and confident in myself. In 2017, I started exploring the many different realms and sub-communities of the LGBTQ+ community of Sacramento to find my tribe. I was a Board member with the Sacramento Valley Bears, I am heavily involved with the Sacramento Pup Community, and I am now involved with the Capitol City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as of 2021.

I was introduced to the CCSPI by my dear friend, Sister Ova D’Rainbow, who offered me the chance to join. She, like all the other Sisters, saw the amount of potential I have, and wanted me to join so I can let that potential shine, using our organization as a way to grow, help the community, as well as seeking personal enlightenment in these unprecedented times. As Novice Sister CiCi DatWalk (at the time of writing this), I vow to work hard, just like my Sisters, to help make the City of Sacramento a place of love, equality, and social justice.

“In a world of gray dullness, be your own color of light, and help others find theirs’. Together, we can make this world bright and colorful.”