Sacramento, CA - USA

Sister Agnes Flamin-Go

Meet Our Sister

I grew up in the San Frxancisco Bay Area and “came out” at a very young age in the early 1980’s. I have seen the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence since the early 80’s and had never really explored what they were all about. I had always enjoyed their presence and found them entertaining but never really thought much about their purpose or mission. I was approached by a very close friend in the fall of 2019 and she said she thought I would be a perfect fit for The Sisters. I must admit, my initial reaction to her suggestion was one of surprise and a little bit of laughter and to be honest, curiosity. I decided to research more about The Sisters and after learning more about what the Sisterhood was all about, I was immediately drawn to becoming a Sister myself.

I love being involved in my community and sharing joy and laughter in a way that allows those around me to just be themselves!

I was once told by a Sister that her approach was; if she could dress up in a crazy outfit, paint her face like a clown, walk out her front door and go do community work, then she could sit next to someone who was having doubts of self-worth and identity and tell them it’s perfectly fine to just be your true self and be proud (and this Sister is a perfect example of that). This really rang true to me; this is a perfect example of how The Sisters can work to build up our community.

My motto is “Always try to be a Flamingo in a flock of pigeons!”