Sacramento, CA - USA

Sister Chava Kiki

Meet Our Sister

Chava Kiki started out as a staunch ally to the LGBTQA+ community. After a fateful meeting with the famous Sister Roma from the San Francisco house, and then meeting her again a few years later, this decided the course of Chava’s ministry, and she soon began her Aspirancy. Now as a Novice Sister, she knows she has a long road ahead of her still and is looking forward to dancing down every step of the path.

Chava, (pronounced “Hava” for the non-Hebrew inclined), means “life”, and sometimes your Kiki needs a little life. As a Jewish Asexual woman, her goal is to bring all under the LGBTQA+ umbrella out of obscurity and invisibility and enjoy the diversity of an entire spectrum of acceptance. We are stronger together, and together we form an unbreakable chain!