Sacramento, CA - USA

Sister Otter Leah Fended

Meet Our Sister

I began the process of joining the Capitol City Sisters in June of 2018. I had been part of a previous attempt to start a Mission/House in Sacramento many moons ago. I had met a Sister at a local event in the Sacramento region. I knew instantly that I had to be part of this amazing organization. A small group of us tried to start a Mission, unfortunately the stars were not aligned. After several years passed the Capitol City Sisters were formed. I started attending meetings and have never looked back!

I began my life as a gay rights activist early on in middle school. I started a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) in my school. I ended up fighting the local Board of Education to ensure my group could meet. I attended meetings, circulated petitions, and refused to be silent. This fight lasted for several years. I ended up on the cover of several local newspapers and on a local television show detailing the ongoing issues. Eventually the Board agreed the group could meet but refused to provide any financial support. It was never about the money. My efforts resulted in being named the Grand Marshall for our local Pride Parade. My focus on equality and inclusion did not end there. I continued to attend rallies, marches, and protests in support of equality. I volunteered with various youth groups, and Centers. My commitment to these core values continues today.

My motto in life is to not waste your time and energy on people or causes that are not worth it. You may not be everyone’s cup of tea… that’s why there’s coffee.