Sacramento, CA - USA

Sister Rae-Jing Morningwood

Meet Our Sister

I am not afraid to be the fool.

If my appearance makes you laugh we can laugh together.

My heart does not judge you.

My ear is here to bend.

My shoulder is here to cry on without fear.

My arms embrace you in acceptance of who you are.

I remember seeing the Sisters for the first time in 1990 and was intrigued by the white-jeweled faced nuns. After talking with them and learning about their function as social activists, community service and fund raising for Aids Charities and Research, I always knew I wanted to be a part of them.

Their approach of getting people involved through humor, street performing and when needed willing to help other charitable organizations with events is invaluable in the community.

As a sister I hope to inspire other to get involved in the community either doing something to make someone else’s life better, opening minds or opening pocketbooks. We all need to participate in this thing we call “Life “and do what we can to work together and make it happen!

” Yes” this sister can perform weddings as I am fully ordained by the “Universal Life Church”