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I am so very excited to welcome you to our newly redesigned website and I am over-joyed you have chosen to visit us here. There have been so many challenges during the past few years and the Capitol City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are working hard to help rebuild and revitalize our community through service and collaboration.

Please explore our website, check out the Sister profiles and photo galleries. Our new Calendar not only will show upcoming Sister activities, but also interesting and relevant events within our larger Sacramento community. We have also added more links in our Resources section that can steer folks to local assistance and support in our community.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to The Sisters with any questions, curiosity, ideas of how we can be more engaged in the community or if you would like the Sisters to be part of an event in the area. We are here to serve and bring joy!

I would like to offer each one of you a blessing of Light and Joy, and may the universe continue to offer you a path of fulfillment and growth. Know that you are special and perfect, just as you are!

Yours in Service,
Sister Agnes Flamin-Go, Abbess 

Our Officers

Our Board of Sisters ensures we meet our mission of educating the queer community on safety and health issues, spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness within the community and the abolishment of bigotry and hatred.

Sister Agnes Flamin-G



Mistress of Order

Sister Oddrey Heartburn

Vice President

Mistress of Novices

Mistress of Propaganda

Sister Ova D’Rainbow


Mistress of the Quill 

Mistress of  Nunway

Sister Otter Leah Offende


Mistress of the Purse

Mistress of Retort

Organization Legal Documents

Capital City Sisters Recent Bylaws

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Capital City Sisters Articles of Inc.

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Capital City Sisters 501(c)3 Letter

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